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A bite into literature

The field of literature as it is with any other discipline is in constant need of recruitment and talent acquisition, and the school system is a ripe field for harvest of new talent and authorship. Creating author school workshops  is a surefire means to nurture new interest and talent in students, as well as provide a structured writing experience in a setting that will foster new ideas. This is important because so many students are intimidated by literature and the writing of literature, and can possibly be deterred from pursuing the love of writing and its positive benefits. Author workshops can nurture and feed the creative spirit for the next Huxley, Milton, and Shakespeare.

The primary challenge to creating author workshops, is that there is a need that has be created from what is already present in students. It means that good writers have to be sought out and that those students need a forum to demonstrate and rate their work in an environment that is not only constructively critical, but one that desires that the best work be generated within the student’s ability. This is not just some creative writing class, but a series of modules that attempt to allow the new author to establish an authentic author profile with legitimate work. In other words, an author workshop is preparing the student to become a serious author producing a publishable work. In this scope author workshops in a school setting define and mentor serious authors for the future and create the necessary incubator for future contributions to all literary genres